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V.Arun Kumar, Dr.D.Sudarsanam

Department of Zoology,

School of Genomics,

Loyola College,

Chennai, India.



ACUA is a Visual Basic based interface for the Insilico codon analysis. This tool provides various unique features like, Nucleotide analysis, statistical codon analysis, Positional nucleotide analysis and interactive analysis of result. Acua can be employed for various statistical analysis. Moreover, Acua also allows the user to edit and save the result for further studies.

ACUA is an offline tool that can be used in a standalone environment. The tool performs Nucleotide analysis for the query sequence(s), and presents the results in spreadsheets, which can be further utilized for statistical analysis. This tool will prove to be highly useful for the scientists who would like to do codon analysis for multiple sequence simultaneously. Acua has the potential to become a part of bioinformatics essential Tool kit. This software is developed with an intention to provide as a freeware for the scientific community.

System Requirement

    • Pentium III and above or equivalent processor (1.1 GHz)

    • 128 MB of RAM (256 recommended)

    • 20 MB of Hard disk free (For installation alone)

    • Windows 9x, 2000, NT or XP installed system.

    • Microsoft Excel (Required for output analysis)

    • VGA (1024 x 786 optimal to view)

How to install ACUA 1.0

Installing Acua in your PC is just a simple task. To achieve it please download the Acua installer for the downloads column. The link will take you to the download site for Acua where you can find the help file and the installer for Acua.

Before Installing Acua please refer to the system requirements for Acua. Once you downloaded the Installer file double click the installer to run the setup program. The installer will guide you through the rest of the installation processes.

Download ACUA here


ACUA is published in Bioinformation 2(2): 62-63 (2007)

The article can be downloaded from the NCBI-PUBMED site

PUBMED - PMC2174420

ACUA: A software tool for automated codon usage analysis

Umashankar Vetrivel, Vijayakumar Arunkumar and Sudarsanam Dorairaj

Bioinformation. 2007; 2(2): 62–63.

Author note: Please cite this article when referencing ACUA